We are here today because we come from strong, resilient, connected and intelligent people who had a spiritual and practical relationship to real food. Some of the most powerful ceremonies had to do with giving thanks to the plants, animals and elements that brought sustenance to the people. Food has been the center of our culture since time immemorial. 

*Draft To restore our relationship to food

 food sov

collective healing 

The consumption of real food allows our spirits to resonate at a higher frequency. This opens up our consciousness to a better understanding of being human again, which was essentially what our indigenous worldview’s are about.

To reclaim your health is to reclaim your relationship to real food and ancestral eating. Re-indigenizing food preparation and consumption is about restoring mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness. This is why we advocate for a life dependent on real food, regardless of one's choice in 'diet'. 

We feel that ancestral eating is made of various elements and in order to have a good relationship to food we must understand the role food plays in our lives and in the world around us. Venture through this section to learn about the various elements of ancestral eating.

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