WELL FOR CULTURE is a physical manifestation of the hybridized Indigenous wellness movement. It is a digital space that serves to create, expound upon, nurture and share the genius of powerful Indigenous minds and bodies. Much like a ceremony, a song, a story, or an activist movement, Well For Culture is at once a space, a place, a group of people, and an evolving idea.



WELL FOR CULTURE is an alliance of like-minded Indigenous people from many Nations and all directions. We strive to lead healthy lifestyles because we recognize the importance of being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually sound. We study and implement the health and wellness methods of our ancestors, meanwhile developing new approaches to contribute to this ancient and ongoing chain of knowledge.  We are a continually evolving community, and we welcome all who wish to contribute.



Through writings, stories, photographs, videos, and songs, Well For Culture seeks to teach and promote healthy lifestyles, re-Indigenized diets,  Indigenized fitness methods, and mental-spiritual connectedness. Understanding that strong tribal Nations are built by strong individuals, we encourage  wellness amongst Native people in order to sustain, rebuild, and strengthen our communities. As Indigenous youth, we acknowledge the strength and healing power of our ancestral teachings, and we invite the rest of the world to learn from these concepts as well.


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