Well For Culture on the "Fat Burning Man" Show

Well For Culture co-founder Chelsey Luger made an appearance on the number one health and wellness podcast in the world: The Fat Burning Man. 

The interview is about 40 minutes long. They discuss indigenized fitness, ancestral eating, spiritual connectedness, holistic wellness, and much more. You can download and listen to it on the Fat Burning Man podcast or you can watch it on YouTube. 

We were huge fans of the Fat Burning Man prior to being invited on the show, so needless to say, we are even bigger fans now that they have included Indigenous perspectives to share with their expansive reach in the alt-health world. We *highly* recommend listening to not only Chelsey's interview but to all episodes of the Fat Burning Man, as it is an excellent and well curated resource for holistic health and wellness knowledge. 

Thanks so much for listening and sharing! Enjoy!