Contemporary Indigenous Recipes are a blend of original ingredients and adopted ingredients, used in conjunction to create meals that are nutritious, energizing, and tasty. "Original ingredients" are Ancestral food, or, in other words, foods that are indigenous to North America. "Adopted ingredients" are foods that we deem healthy and congruent with an ancestral diet, but are not necessarily indigenous to the original peoples of this continent. In any case, we place a premium on original ingredients, and use them whenever and as much as  possible. You will find that the base of many of these recipes includes original ingredients such as wild rice, buffalo, or indigenous produce. However, we recognize both the health benefits and accessibility of adopted ingredients, and we promote a healthy blend of the two in order to create highly functional and easily accessible recipes. Using original ingredients - especially if they have been harvested or hunted locally - is a testament to the staying power and longevity of Native lifestyles. Using adopted ingredients is a testament to the adaptability and continual evolution of Native people and culture. The recipes included in this page are regionally diverse foods that we have tested and found to make us feel well and energized.

We are constantly looking to add to this page, so please feel free to contact us with a recipe contribution. We would be happy to share your knowledge!