Dynamic & Static Stretching

Before you begin stretching, it is important to learn the difference between the two main types of stretches: dynamic and static.

A dynamic stretch is a series of challenging motions that are executed repeatedly so that the stretch is felt further with each motion. These stretches entail a lot of motion and are not necessarily deep stretches, so they can be done safely prior to warming up the muscles or even as a warm-up exercise. Athletes often use dynamic stretches to prevent injury and to loosen up the joints and muscles prior to a strenuous workout.

A static stretch is a deep, slow stretch, which entails a singular motion held in place for ten seconds or more. These are the types of stretches to do when you are aiming for extreme flexibility or are just beginning to learn to stretch. Remember to take it easy and to warm up the muscles prior to a static stretch in order to prevent injury.

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Thosh Collins deomonstrates a great dynamic warm up that focuses on: hip flexors, hamstrings, and adductors (groin/inner thigh). Execute 10 reps each side (20 total). This not only mobilizes and increases range of motion in these muscles, but it also improves your balance, coordination, strength and should get your heart up a little.

Chelsey Luger demonstrates a quick dynamic warmup and static stretch progression.