Sometimes it feels impossible to sort through all of the health and wellness ideas out there. Everywhere you turn, people are trying to sell a new book, product, or diet plan, each one claiming to be the ultimate solution.  The truth is that there are no "ultimate solutions" - science and medicine are constantly evolving, and every day we learn new things about what's really good or bad for us. That's why it is critical to think for yourself and to be constantly open to incorporating new ideas and lessons into your wellness routine. The more you learn, the easier it will become to distinguish between the junk and the treasure. 

Below is a list of resources that we love and recommend. Some come from western science, others from indigenous teachings. Some are about food and diet; others are political manifestos. We firmly believe that wellness knowledge knows no bounds in terms of discipline or category. 

While we do encourage you to read and absorb any and all of these titles, we do not necessarily agree with every single bit of information put forth in each book. We do, however, believe that each of these books are rooted in solid ideas and have a lot of great things to offer. This is by no means a comprehensive list: there are thousands of other great resources out there. Furthermore, it's important to remember that a great deal of our most beloved and important wellness knowledge comes from ceremonies and oral tradition - those things we cannot publish online. 

Remember that intellectual development is a key tenet of overall wellness. If you're not already reading and actively studying a lot (outside of what you have to do for school or work), you should start. Remember to live in balance. Mental wellness should be as much a part of your life as physical wellness. 

Thank you for learning with us. Feel free to send us any recommendations at any time to add to this list.