2 Resistance Band Circuits to do while on Travel

Staying active on the road can be a challenge due to lack of time or even motivation. One piece of equipment that will help maximize your gains in a short period and may even motivate you to be active with the little time you have is a resistance band. They weight almost nothing and can be folded up and stuffed in your suitcase, taking up very little space.


When we travel sometimes all we have time for is 10-20 mins to be active. If you’re looking to just maintain strength, increase overall energy level and keeping metabolism in high gear, 10-20 mins of movement will be sufficient. For these shorter session it is best to keep the intensity higher with 10-15 seconds rest between each circuit and no longer than 10 seconds between each exercise. This can also be used for busy days at home or in the workplace. 

Always remember, taking care of yourself is also taking care of those you love. When you’re well, you have wellness to give to those in your sacred circle. 

Here we share 2 circuits (8 basic exercises each) where the band will increase resistance. Perform these four exercises back to back to make one circuit. Perform 2-3 circuits with 1 min rest in between. Reps are subjective. 


Circuit 1


2.Push Up



Circuit 2:

1.Overhead press


3.Triceps extensions