REZ GYM | Take your movement session outside

We can turn any space into a fitness and movement zone. The gym is a great place to train, but so is training outdoors. With a few pieces of functional training equipment such as kettle bells, steel maces, dumb bells and battle ropes, you can put together a great functional training session. 

Whichever modality of fitness/movement one chooses, we believe its important to prioritize it and make it part of our own personal way of life in order to maintain wellness during this age of sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, living well is no longer something that automatically happens like it did for our ancestors. Today our genes are mismatched to the environment western culture has created that we have to consciously change our lifestyle to ensure we’re not going to get sick. Being active is just one component of a lifestyle to reclaim our wellness. 

Since spring has arrived in Arizona, we’re taking our training outside once again. It keeps training new and exciting. Sets like this always keep things challenging. We like the gym for doing specific work, but also find it productive when doing total body sets to take things outside with different pieces of equipment (or no equipment). This is a great way to increase durability and develop real-world functional strength to keep you moving well for everyday life. 

Thosh Collins